Welcome to Sendaero

I grew up attending air shows and became involved in flight simulators mainly through the influence of my father. I remember in 1989 as a young lad, my dad had just purchased a DOS-based flight sim called F-15 Strike Eagle II. I was enamored with it and constantly begged him to let me fly! This is when I caught the aviation bug. Back then I never realized how much flight simulators would help me in my career as a flight instructor and airline pilot.

After years of training and many sacrifices, I achieved my goal of becoming a professional pilot. I attribute my success to two very specific things: those who mentored me along my path, and how I utilized home-based flight simulators. The simulators helped generate that passion inside of me for all things aviation. And the mentors, beginning with those I met while attending flight school, encouraged me to go for my dreams and make them a reality.

Sendaero has been born from these two ideas: Aviation Mentoring and Pilot Development. We desire to help others achieve their dreams by connecting new pilots with experienced aviation professionals. Nothing is more beneficial for a student pilot than soaking up knowledge from someone who is doing exactly what he or she seeks to do. We hope you’ll take part in what our inspiring Pilot Mentors and Instructors have to offer.


Mike Rushforth
Founder of Sendaero