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We know that when you have a passion for aviation it runs deep. But sometimes the dream to get into the air remains just that, a dream. That is why Sendaero has curated a group of aviation professionals to serve as mentors for new and aspiring pilots. Our mentors assist upcoming pilots in creating a solid plan for their future so those dreams of flying can become a reality. When you enroll in mentoring, you get to meet one-on-one with a pilot who can offer advice, help you set goals, and share their unique experiences. Take the first step to connect with your personal mentor.

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Pilot Development

Many aviation professionals spend an extensive amount of time training in a simulator before taking the controls of a real aircraft. By mirroring this concept on a smaller scale, Sendaero has made it possible for you to prepare for real-world flight training in your own home. We utilize qualified flight instructors, home-based simulators and shared cockpit to connect remotely. Our realistic, one-on-one instruction is suited for anyone at any phase of their pilot training, as well as aspiring pilots. We hope to instill a sense of excitement and fun, while cultivating pilots who are safer, better prepared, and ultimately save money in their training. Experience this innovative way to learn with a FREE intro flight.

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Qualified flight instructors

Sendaero is a super convenient way for you to connect with an aviator who has real-world flight instructing experience.

Real training outlines

Feel confident in the instruction you receive. We only teach what you need to know for your specific phase of training.

Kickstart your career

Increase your chances of success by setting and achieving goals with our mentors and instructors.

  • “I decided to take my first intro flight...and surprised the flight instructor by how much I had learned. Mike has inspired me to keep pursuing my goals to become an airline pilot and encourages me to keep learning.” Jonathan • Flight Student

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